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Weigh military strike if NKorea hits Japan: Bolton

Weigh military strike if NKorea hits Japan: Bolton
4 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The United States should weigh military action against North Korea if it hits Japan in its upcoming rocket launch, conservative former policymaker John Bolton said Friday.

Bolton, who served as US ambassador to the United Nations under former president George W. Bush, said he did not support a pre-emptive strike as it was unclear how serious North Korea's test would be.

"But if there is a real possibility of this landing in Japan or in any populated area, then we would have to look at it very carefully," Bolton told AFP.

"The Japanese don't have the luxury of distance to see whether it's a grapefruit or a basketball or whatever," he said, referring to speculation on the size of the North Korean payload.

Bolton, now a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, has been an outspoken opponent of what he sees as a policy of rewards to North Korea led by State Department negotiators both under Bush and new President Barack Obama.

"I don't expect much out of this administration. It doesn't seem to have any plans beyond going to the UN Security Council," Bolton said.

"If the only thing we have is a Security Council resolution that condemns the launch, it is not going to get very far," he said.

Bolton said the best way to influence North Korea was to press China -- Pyongyang's top ally -- to "rein it in."

"If China is true to its word -- and I believe it is true to its word -- it does not want North Korea to collapse and to see a reunification of the Korean peninsula," Bolton said.

"And so the Chinese, faced with the risk of resolving this through pressure, do not apply any pressure," he said.

Stephen Bosworth, the Obama administration's envoy on North Korea, on Friday held out hope that North Korea would not go ahead with the launch but stuck to the goal of resuming six-nation disarmament talks no matter what happens.

North Korea tested an atom bomb in 2006. It later agreed to a US-brokered disarmament-for-aid deal, which has deadlocked over disputes on how to verify Pyongyang is ending its nuclear program.

北まもなく発射:North Korea says it will launch satellite "soon"2009/04/04 10:09

YONHAP NEWS:(URGENT) North Korea says it will launch satellite "soon"


(URGENT) North Korea says it will launch satellite "soon"

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9 minutes agoh

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea says its preparations to launch a satellite are complete.

North Korea says to rocket launch imminent

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea will soon launch a long-range rocket after completing preparations for putting a satellite into space, its official KCNA news agency said on Saturday.

"The satellite will be launched soon," the report said.

2009年 04月 4日 10:14 JST

 [ソウル 4日 ロイター] 北朝鮮は4日、まもなく衛星を発射する準備が完了したと表明した。朝鮮中央通信社(KCNA)が伝えた。

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