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Obama's Stimulus Package




Pumping Life Back into the U.S. Economy
Why a Stimulus Package Must Be Big and Targeted

How to Spend $350 Billion in a First Year of Stimulus and Recovery

Obama's Stimulus Package

Infrastructure Development

Another important part of Obama's job creation plan is infrastructure investment. When a water main broke in suburban Maryland last month -- trapping a dozen commuters in their cars as four feet of freezing cold water surged around them -- the public received a startling reminder of the current state of the country's crumbling infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that $1.6 trillion is needed over the next five years to repair and restore the nation's infrastructure." As NPR has pointed out, "Every $1 billion the federal government commits to roads, bridges and other infrastructure helps to support some 35,000 jobs." This program should repair existing roads and bridges, not pay to build new highways that would foster sprawl and increase oil consumption. "The usual argument against public works as economic stimulus is that they take too long: by the time you get around to repairing that bridge and upgrading that rail line, the slump is over and the stimulus isn't needed," wrote New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in October. "Well, that argument has no force now, since the chances that this slump will be over anytime soon are virtually nil. So let's get those projects rolling." Indeed, a November Washington Post-ABC News poll found that almost 70 percent of those surveyed said "they support new federal spending of as much as $700 billion on construction projects and other programs to try to stimulate the economy," even if it means increasing the size of the deficit.

Obama Pushes Economic Plan, Saying It Can't Wait
Obama Considers Major Expansion in Aid to Jobless


The Staggering Cost of New Nuclear Power

Business Risks and Costs of New Nuclear Power